A boy and his cat

Bryce loves our cat. It has been a challenge getting him to learn how to “play” gentle with her and not pull on her tail, tackle her, or otherwise annoy her.  The funny thing is that Sophie LOVES the attention. She is so patient with him and most of the time follows HIM around! Our cat is named Sophie an she is a Savannah breed. They are known for their playfulness and dog like qualities.  When we first came home with Bryce she definitely was jealous but now that he is walking around and generally causing havoc he is her entertainment and her opinion has changed on him. lol.

The picture above was taken this week one night before bed. I love the expression on both of their faces.  Our neighbor breeds golden retrievers and we go back and forth on getting a dog but right now we have our hands full. Though a dog would come in handy with cleaning up the food Bryce gets on the floor during dinner…..

We are taking it easy this weekend. Bryce is getting over a stomach bug (no one warns you that once you have a kid you will clean up more bodily fluids than you ever thought possible. Most of the time at 1:00 AM) and our housework list needs tackled.  As I am typing this I am staring at a pile of laundry that needs folded and another load that needs thrown in. Sleep will win I am thinking.

I will end with this tidbit. Bryce has learned how to make farting noises on our arms/stomach. So we will be sitting with him on the floor or couch and next thing I know I have become his sound machine. He is endlessly entertained by this new skill and practices constantly. He is redeemed though by his newfound ability to kiss our cheeks goodnight. He certainly knows how to melt my heart.

2 thoughts on “A boy and his cat

    1. It will be fine! It may take a few days but the cats will embrace the new “addition” and definitely will be curious! Congrats on the baby. You can always separate the baby in another room from the cats for the first few days if u are worried.

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