Ten Things I Love October

I had so much fun writing last months list that I figured I may make this a monthly post. See below for this months winners and hope October has been giving you some good love too.

1 ~ ISR Infant Swim Training

My son graduated from the ISR infant swim program last month. In the video above he is fully clothed with a diaper on swimming and floating to the wall. Amazing. This program is nationwide and teaches babies as young as 6 months survival swimming. Living in Florida drownings happen too often. So happy this program exists and we could do it.


2 ~ Ghirardelli Sea Salt & Almond Milk Chocolate

I love chocolate. And Ghirardelli has some great flavor combinations. Currently a bag of this is in my “food” drawer at work.  Come, on I know you have one too…

Orange Blossom

3 ~ Orange Blossom Facial Wash by Young Living

I bought this with this months essential oil order after reading how many people love it for their acne prone skin. I am in my “upper” 30’s and still get acne! It is partly genetic and partly who knows what but it is a pain in my leg. I have tried SO many cleansers, moisturizers, masks, etc. but I am really trying to use less chemicals on my skin as so many facial products have ingredient lists a mile long. Enter this option. So far I am liking it a lot! It smells like an orange creamsicle to me, and rinses really clean. So far no new breakouts, and a little goes a long way. It suds up nice so I am thinking this bottle should last a while. Worth the spurge for sure.


4 ~ Lashblast Fusion Mascara by Cover Girl

I have been playing around with makeup again recently. After a year of being in a sleep deprived new mama fashion slump, I have actually been trying again to look somewhat professional and not like I rolled out of bed and managed to at least put pants on before I left for work. Lol. I have tried TONS of mascara’s over the years, and Lancome is my pricey favorite, but Cover Girl is a great budget mascara. The pigment is nice, and it gives me volume with no flakes. Plus it lasts all day. Win win.


5 ~ Epcot Food & Wine Festival

I love Epcot this time of year. The Food and Wine Festival is going on and they offer a concert series with people who were popular when I was a kid. I saw Wilson Phillips a few weeks ago and had my first ever Limoncello Margarita (as amazing as it sounds). This weekend we will be seeing Tiffany and I will be indulging in another Margarita while noshing our way around the world.


6 ~ Cents of Style

A Facebook friend posted the CUTEST outfit from this website the other day. So I go on to check it out and fall instantly in love. I want everyone of their T-shirts stat. Prices aren’t too bad, and I am sure there are coupon codes to use. I think I will start with the T-shirt above. Motto of my life.

Owl Lamp

7 ~ Uncommon Goods

Another website that is so oddball that it is cool. An Owl touch lamp? No idea why I would want one, but I do now. With Christmas only 10 Friday’s away (yes, really) this is a great place to start browsing for Aunt Erma’s gift.


8 ~ Pinterest

I am late to the Pinterest bandwagon. I just recently created an account and I am quickly realizing how addicting it is to pin these craft ideas that I never will get around to actually DOING. But hey, I pinned it and now look like I do these things, so I am a cool mom, no?


9 ~ Dunkin Donuts

They built one last year on the way to work. My kryptonite. I try to limit my visits to 1-2 times a week but their coffee is my morning song. I order a medium hot coffee and take it with 2 creams and 1 sugar. Usually I give in to a chocolate frosted donut with sprinkles too. Yummy.

The Blacklist

10 ~ The Blacklist

I don’t watch much TV but I love this show. James Spader is great in it and the plot is keeping me on my toes. I am loving this season so far. I record it and watch on a night when I have the energy to stay up past my son’s bedtime.