Young Living Premium Starter Kits are the best and most economical way to get into essential oils. The most popular is the diffuser with essential oils kit. You get 12 oils, a diffuser, plus cool samples, reference materials and a product guide to get you started on your essential oil journey. There is also a Thieves Kit, Ningxia Red kit, and a CBD Oil kit to choose from! Click Here if you are ready to order or see below for more information on Young Living and why buying a kit is the most bang for your buck.

I know I was very skeptical in the beginning and worried I was going to be locked into an autoship or something when I purchased my kit. It is SO NOT LIKE THAT. You can purchase the kit and never make another purchase the rest of your life. Or you can purchase oils here or there. Or purchase all the time. Whatever floats your boat. There are NO monthly order requirements with either the wholesale or retail customer options.

What I will tell you is that you will fall in love with the oils like I have. ALL these oils can be used for everyday needs. And the diffuser makes it SO easy to incorporate the oils into your life.

The 12 oils that come in the starter kit are:

  • Lavender
  • Lemon
  • Peppermint
  • Frankincense
  • Valor (Anxiety & Stress Reliever)
  • Peace & Calming (Promotes Relaxation)
  • Raven (Respiratory Support)
  • Panaway (Muscle and Soreness Aid)
  • Digize (Digestive Help)
  • Thieves (Immune Support)
  • Citrus Fresh (Gets rid Stinky smells)
  • Stress Away (Lime + Vanilla = favorite smell of all time)

And once you order your kit I will mail you a welcome bag that will help get your essential oil journey started!


Here are some frequently asked questions that may help clarify some things for you..

What is a Wholesale Member?

Great question! This is a fabulous option that provides you 24% off retail price! Choosing to become a member (consider it like a Sams Club Membership) vs. purchasing retail means you get to save 24% anytime you order products!

Is there a monthly order minimum?

NO. You can just order what you need when you need it. If a year goes by and you have not placed ONE order of at least 50PV (around $50) than your membership deactivates. Very simple.

I just really want to use oils myself. Do I have to sell Young Living products to be a wholesale member?

NO. There are ZERO obligation to sell oils when you join as an wholesale member. However, if you ever change your mind, you can jump right in.  I provide business support and education to help you get your business off the ground should you decide to go that direction. Again, TOTALLY up to you. No pressure.

Step by step instructions on how to join Young Living Essential Oils:

1. Click Here to begin the enrollment process. It’s super easy!

2. Choose Your membership Option – I highly recommend the Wholesale Membership.  If you select “Retail Customer” you will not receive wholesale pricing, you won’t have access to starter kits and you will pay retail cost which is 24% more than wholesale, and will not be eligible for the Facebook group support or my goodie bag.

3.   My ID number should already be filled in for you –  select your country and your language preference.  My member number is 3080811. I will be your sponsor and enroller.

4.   Fill out your name, email, billing address, shipping address, and contact info.

5.   Create your password and pin which you will use to log in to your account and order your oils.

6.   Choose the kit you want. You can choose between:

  • 1)  Starter Kit with Dew Drop Diffuser  $165
  • 2)  Starter Kit with Desert Mist Diffuser  $165
  •  3) Starter Kit with the Rainstone Diffuser $210
  • 4)  Starter Kit with Aria   $265
  • 5)  Thieves Starter Kit   $125
  • 6)  Ningxia Red Starter Kit   $135
  • 7) CBD Oil Starter Kit   $165

7.  Then proceed to check out. You can skip the Essential Rewards  part for now unless you would like to join ER right away (get cash back and exclusive free Products with each order!)

8. Confirm your order.  That’s it! Your oils will be on their way to your doorstep!

And once your order goes through I  will get you some amazing reference materials and information on getting started!

Questions – If you have any concerns or questions, please feel free to email me at Kathy36799@yahoo.com.  Keep on adventuring through life! 


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