About Me

Hi, I’m Kathy, the creator of this site! There’s a trend that’s been building for a few years now, one that looks as though it’s here to stay. It is called Rewilding – the trend of wellness, of natural living, of caring for and connecting back to nature. Reconnecting with the power and beauty of nature has been one of the best ways to improve my mood, health and overall quality of life. This blog is a culmination of my journey to rewild my life.

So what made me try Essential oils?

I started using Young Living oils in 2015. I honestly didn’t even know oils could benefit your body – I bought the kit because I was trying to eliminate chemicals in our house and for the aromatherapy benefits.  But they have helped my immune system, my sleep, and most importantly my son stay healthy.  I love the idea of not just putting more and more pharmaceutical medicine into our bodies and having a natural way to boost our immunity.  I cannot imagine not having the oils in my life now!

Recently we moved to Northeast Illinois and I will be posting our adventures as I explore our new state and hiking opportunities. Thank you for dropping by!

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