I’m Not That Mom

You know the one… She gets up at the crack of dawn, does her yoga routine, showers and puts on her face and makes the kids organic tree shaped pancakes before even starting her first cup of coffee.

Those moms would never give their children sugar or bribe them with tidbits on long car rides so they don’t have to listen to the crying and whining. They would never throw a frozen pizza in the oven for supper because they didn’t have time to cook a real dinner (much less shower and put on a bra).

I’m not that mom.

I get up in the morning when I hear my kid talking to his stuffed animals and not a minute before.

I feed him frozen eggo pancakes for breakfast.

If he hasn’t thrown a fit by 9am, I consider myself lucky.

His vegetable most days come in the form of a pouch that he may or may not touch.

He watches Mickey Mouse Club while I tackle the dishes.

He continues to watch Mickey Mouse Club while I relax with my coffee and breakfast.

I maybe clean up his toys once a week. They’re everywhere. Each one is a boobytrap in the middle of the night.

I think I changed his overnight diaper before 9am today…

He ate pasta for lunch. And for dinner. Sometimes it’s mac and cheese or hummus, or crackers and cheese or whatever the heck I can scrounge up from my fridge. But don’t worry, he eats fruit. Some of the time.

I am the mom who uses disposable diapers and wipes because who wants to clean up poop off a butt and then a diaper and its reusable wipe? Ain’t nobody got time for that!

I am the mom who never gets the stains out of her kid’s clothes because I let him roll in the dirt in whatever he’s wearing. They are only a kid once. That and I am too lazy to pretreat stains.

I let him drink the bath water.

The Tupperware and pot drawers are fair game and provide hours of entertainment and a mess for me to clean up but oh well.

I let him eat cheerios off the floor.

I am the mom that lets her child run around outside in a diaper because I was too lazy to fight him to get pants on.

I’m not a mom who has it all together. I fail at things everyday but my son is happy and healthy and so am I.

So to all you moms out there feeling like you are failing you’re totally normal. And pictures like the one below make it all worth it.


7 thoughts on “I’m Not That Mom

  1. Love this! Apart from the cloth nappies, I’m just like this. My sanity is kept by letting him watch Mickey Mouse! I planned to be ‘that mom’ but truth is I much rather be like this and have fun with my 2year old.


  2. Hi Kathy! Loved your post! I’m not that mom either. “Ain’t nobody got time for that!” LOL. I have four boys below the age of 4 and they sit in front of the TV watching (Mickey Mouse Road Rally) most of the time while I get some house chores done and cook for them. I wake up when one of them starts crying that they’re hungry. Give them cereal to snack on while I cook a real breakfast. Thanks for this post. Needed to know I’m not the only mom that’s not those picture perfect moms you see on TV. I look forward to reading more of your posts and thank you for liking mine. 🙂

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