A Day in My Oily Life

Good morning! I thought it would be fun to invite you into my home and show you my typical oil routine. First up -Coffee!! And as I wait for my cup to brew I roll on my wrists some highest potential.

It is a blend of oils that sets my intention for the day. It combines the uplifting and inspirational qualities of Australian Blue with the power of Gathering to help bring greater unity of purpose. Jasmine is added to enhance self-confidence, while ylang ylang calms, soothes, and harmonizes.

Throughout the day it is my reminder to reach higher and think positive. I put a roller filament on the bottle so I just roll on my wrists and neck. I swear I have an extra spring in my step when I use this oil.

Theives Spray

Who else out there has a love/hate relationship with the diaper pail? Lol. To cut down on the smell (and kill germs) when changing out liners I always spray down with the thieves spray. Awesome smell and I love that is all natural and don’t have to worry if Bryces hands go all over this diaper pail later in the day when he decides he wants to throw out his own diaper.  This spray is also great for shopping carts, toilet seats, airplane trays, TV remotes….anywhere there are germs!

Mojito Blend

Hands down my favorite diffuser combo. Peppermint and Lime. Reminds me of mojitos and summer. Try it next time and see for yourself!  I love diffusing my essential oils to make the whole house smell yummy while also benefiting from the aromatherapy.


Coming in from outside and washing our hands. I LOVE the thieves foaming hand soap. All natural, smells great and isn’t Bryce adorable? Lol. I am lucky that he likes to wash his hands. Even if it means him playing with the faucet for the next 5 minutes. The best part of this hand soap is it is all plant based ingredients and you can purchase a large refill jug that makes it cost effective and is environmentally friendly.

Kid Boo Boo

Bryce fell when he was outside so I used this great rollerball combo on him cleanse and protect the scrap he got on his knee.  This rollerball is so easy to make. Take a glass roller bottle and put 10 drops each lavender and purification or tea tree. Then Just put a little carrier oil in like grape seed to help oils spread when applied. Voila! Diy boo boo stick great for kids but I use all the time too. So convenient!


I have been trying to keep my New Years Resolution to move more and eat less.  I bought the Active and Fit Kit Young Living sells and LOVE both these products. The Cool Azul Sports Gel has 10% essential oils in it and the first ingredient in it is Aloe, making this product moisturizing as well as super cooling to your aching muscles and joints. And the Deep Relief oil works great as an “Icy Hot” type product.  One of my good friends just ran a half marathon and the next day she had no soreness! She swears these products helped her immensely recover from the run.


Need I say more? A great combo.  Also try adding a few drops of Lime Essential Oil into your fajita’s or Key Lime Pie recipes next time you make them.

Skin Care

My new anti-aging combo.  Frankincense essential oil has helped keep my complexion clear, reducing my age spots and overall giving me a natural “glow.” I mix it with Maracuja Oil, which I love for its lightweight moisturizing properties. Living in Florida my skin doesn’t handle well heavy moisturizers. I find this combo to be working great for me currently.


Ahhh….Bedtime. I love to put two drops of Valor on my feet before bed. It really helps my mind “shut” down and go to sleep. Thank you for following along with my day and I would love to hear what essential oils you must have in your “oily” day.

If you have not purchased essential oils and are interested in doing so, I recommend the starter kit. It comes with 11 essential oils PLUS a diffuser of your choice. Click here to learn more and purchase!

Things I am Thinking About Lately

Here it is, my first what I am thinking about list. It is a way to keep myself honest and accountable every month on what I am doing and what I actually want to do. Why not create one of your own?

  • I think it’s time I actually start using the gym membership I signed up for months ago
  • I think it’s time that I sit down and actually call friends over the phone vs. facebook stalking them
  • I think Bryce is like the cutest kid ever
  • I miss my mom
  • I think that the dishes in the sink are piling up at an alarming rate and I wonder how the heck that happened. I swear I just did them
  • I think I need a vacation but have only 2 days left for the entire year
  • I just looked at Epcots Fall concert list and see Tiffany is on there. Oh yes I am so going to be there!
  • I think I need to get all of the things Bryce has grown out of and sell them at the local child second hand shop
  • I think I need to actually act on the above and not mention this again next month which is most likely what will happen
  • I think Dunkin’ Donuts coffee is the best thing ever
  • I think I need to start scheduling date nights with a babysitter again even though I am afraid of a repeat horror night from last time (long story)
  • I think Bryce has made amazing progress in his eating and I am just so relieved we didn’t have to go through the invasive testing the doctors wanted to do
  • I think Snickers should count as an energy bar and not a candy bar
  • I think I need to start reading books again
  • I think I need to stop watching so much Netflix
  • I think the essential oils are actually working on my family
  • I need to read more on how to use them
  • I think my husband is the smartest person I know but I never tell him that
  • I think I have a bigger purpose for my life but have no clue on how to figure what it is