Schwinn IC4 Review

When the Coronavirus Quarantine first starting happening in March Brian and I quickly realized we needed to order some sort of exercise equipment for the house since our gym was closed. I didn’t want to regress in the weight loss I had worked so hard far. We both like to spin so decided a bike would be a good fit for us. But which one? So many choices and huge price differences between them. We knew we wanted a bike with magnetic resistance but our budget was $800, not $2000. So Peloton was out of the question. A few quick searches after that lead us to the Schwinn IC4.

It checked all the boxes for us with magnetic resistance, LCD display console, dual pedals and Bluetooth connectivity. So we pulled the plug and bought it. So far we are loving it! The magnetic resistance is so smooth and we can get the cadence to connect on our peloton app so we can see it right there on the screen while working out. It truly has the feel of a more expensive bike. It comes with 3 pounds weights and I actually like where they are stored in the front of you rather than the back of the bike. Less awkward when reaching for them in the middle of your ride.

Which by the way, I highly recommend the Peloton app. Love the instructors, the sheer number of on-demand workouts and the quality of music it offers. I personally don’t mind having to use my own tablet, and the Schwinn’s built in media holder has worked great for me.

If you are in the market for a spin bike and want some of the features of the more expensive bikes without the price tag I definitely recommend the Schwinn IC4. And the weight loss? I am 26 pounds down and this bike has definitely helped with that!