Young Living Starter Kit Updated!

Young Living has launched a BRAND NEW starter kit!  They have added Valor, Peace & Calming, Thieves Hand Purifier, and an extra fitment for only $5 more! The Desert Mist Diffuser kit is now only $165!


This kit still has all your favorites: Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint, Thieves, DiGize, Citrus Fresh, Raven, Frankincense, Stress Away, and PanAway.  But now they have added Valor and Peace & Calming  to the oil lineup. They are also throwing in a Thieves Hand Purifier to the bottom of the kit with your Thieves Household Cleaner sample and Ningxia Red samples. Oh and did I mention you get a diffuser too?!

Look what you will get when you join Young Living! Valor and Peace & Calming are back in the Starter Kit and everyone loves our chemical-free Hand Purifier!


Young Living PSKs are full of carefully selected products meant to provide a range of aromatic, topical, and dietary experiences for those who are new to essential oils. There’s a diffuser for every style in these PSKs, so getting started is fun and easy! The brand-new PSKs cost only $5 more than our traditional kits but have more value than ever with all the new updates.


Desert Mist™ and Dewdrop™: $165
Rainstone™: $210
Aria™: $265

Purchase a Kit Here. 


Here is more information on the oils that come in the kit.

Lavender: Support healthy and glowing skin. I use it in my homemade facial serum as it is moisturizing. Also great for burns and cuts. Just apply a drop straight on it! A lot of ICUs use it to help with occasional anxiety with their patients before and after procedures.

Peppermint: Support and maintain a healthy digestive system and energy levels! Great to apply on your temples when you have a headache and this is my favorite to diffuse to help stay alert.

Thieves: Promote a healthy immune system. Replace: Emergen-c, household cleaner, hand soap, Orajel, bleach, etc. with this. University tested to actually kill airborne germs when diffused!

Citrus Fresh: Remove stinky odors and great refreshing smell! A blend of citrus oils along with spearmint.

Lemon: A powerful detoxifier & antiseptic. Great for alertness & mental clarity. Replace: products that support a healthy complexion, good cleanser for body and home, smells fresh, can help with occasional nausea, immune system support, appetite suppressant…add to water

PanAway: Add it to coconut oil to create a DIY post workout salve to help sore muscles. Replace your Icy Hot with this and don’t look back.

Stress Away: I love this one to wear as a perfume which plays double duty to help reduce daily stress

Frankincense: It promotes a sense of calm and security, Replace your expensive wrinkle serum. This is all you need! I rub a drop straight on my skin at night before moisturizer.

DiGize: It supports normal, healthy digestion! Also helps heartburn and stomach upset. Rub on your tummy or take via veggie capsule.

Raven: One of the best essential oils for decongesting the airways, total respiratory support. Diffuse or apply to your chest.

Valor: This blend was formulated to balance energies and instill courage, confidence and self-esteem. It helps the body self-correct it’s balance and alignment.

Peace & Calming: This blend promotes relaxation and a deep sense of peace and emotional well-being, helping to dampen tensions and uplift spirits.


Wood Furniture Cleaning Recipe

Last week I came across a wood furniture cleaning recipe using olive oil and Young Living Thieves cleaner. I decided to test it out yesterday on my dining room table and chairs. Look how amazing it turned out!


Guys this set is 14 years old. Years of grime and abuse washed away and the cleaning mix left a beautiful shine to the wood 😍

Wood Furniture Cleaning Recipe

  • 5 drops Citrus Fresh Oil
  • 1 capful Thieves Cleaner
  • 1 cup Olive Oil

Combine in a bowl. Wet a rag and then dip into cleaning solution. Wipe your furniture down.

I also use the Thieves Cleaner to clean my granite, stainless steel, windows and mirrors!  It is concentrated so literally you only use a capful at a time.  Here is my favorite all purpose spray recipe:

Windows & Glass Spray
This makes a big batch. More than 16 oz. Halve it for smaller containers.  Also use glass containers as Citrus oils can degrade plastic over time.

  • 1 capful thieves cleaner
  • 5 Drops Lemon or Citrus Fresh Oil
  • 1 tsp. Vinegar
  • 3 cups water

Thieves Household Cleaner is a natural cleaner that utilizes the intense power of Thieves combined with lemon essential oils, renewable plant and mineral sources, and vegetable-based surfactants. This product is green and environmentally friendly, from the 100% recyclable bottle to its naturally sourced ingredients.  Ditch your store bought cleaners, and SWITCH to the safer alternative for you, your family, and the environment!

Don’t have the Thieves Cleaner or a Young Living Membership?  Purchase a Thieves product set for $160!  It comes with two bottles of Thieves Cleaner plus 10 other full size products.

Thieves Starter Kit – $160