DIY Anti-Aging Face Moisturizer

For most of my life I believed that I had to strip my skin with harsh cleansers to deal with my acne and oily skin issues. I definitely avoided all oils – thinking oils were bad for my skin and would increase my acne. It worked for a while. But as I am getting older my skin is more sensitive and now I have, ahem, “aging” issues to deal with and have been looking for ways to combat scars, wrinkles and sunspots. And while I do still battle breakouts and oils (thanks genetics) it isn’t at the same level as it was when I was younger.

This past year I have found that oil is NOT the bad guy. In fact, our skin needs oil and absorbs it better and faster than a cream or lotion. So after much inner turmoil (20+ years of being brainwashed into thinking oil is bad for my skin will do that), I have started using oil as my moisturizer.

And you know what? It’s AH-MAZING! I can’t believe I didn’t use oil on my face sooner. My skin now feels smooth, nourished and balanced. My face doesn’t seem to get too oily or too dry, and it has really helped my wrinkles and scars.

So what’s the secret? Finding the right oil that works for you. Oils are made from vegetables, nuts and even flowers – such as sweet almond, grapeseed, argan, coconut, macadamia nut, jojoba, sesame, hemp seed and rose hip. Each oil has its own health benefits but not all will work for you. Some are better for face applications than others. You really have to try a few and see what works for you. I personally love Marula Oil. I have also used Argan oil but I find Marula absorbs quicker without an oily feel – yet it’s very hydrating and helps balance my skin. Argan oil though is great for most skin types and you can find it at a lot of stores now as it has become very popular. I’ve also tried almond oil and jojoba – but I found both to be too heavy for my skin.

Now recently I have upped my skincare game by adding essential oils to my Marula oil. You can create your own customized skincare blend this way and it is more cost effective, natural and works even better than those fancy moisturizers on the market that are expensive and have a million ingredients you can’t pronounce. I decided to add Frankincense and Lavender to my Marula oil and I love it! Both oils are powerhouses in skincare and help with redness, scars, wrinkles, acne and overall skin health.


  • 2 oz. Carrier Oil
  • 10 drops of Frankincense oil
  • 10 drops of Lavender oil


  1. Add Frankincense and Lavender oil to a glass bottle of Carrier oil. Store in a cool, dry spot.
  2. Use morning and night after each facial wash, or as needed. I find about 3-5 drops is enough to moisturize my skin.

My skin is brighter, softer and my scars are fading. I really wish I would have discovered this sooner! Try it and let me know what you think!