How to make salad interesting

Salad. That five letter word that was my nemesis for so many years. I just couldn’t get into them. Side dish? Yes. Main event? No no no. They just never satisfied me. When I went Keto in January I read Mark Sisson’s book, The Keto Reset Diet. And he touted something called the “big ass salad.”

Maybe it is the way he worded it, but my mind warmed up to it. Basically add what you want to it to make it tasty. You into hot sauce? That’s ok too 😂 Here is what I commonly use in mine.

Lettuce (I prefer a mix of romaine and iceberg)
Shaved Cheese
Cherry Tomatoes
Nuts (Pistachios)
Protein Source (chicken, eggs or salmon for me usually)
Dressing (I use Avocado oil and Balsamic Vinegar)
Seasonings (I keep it simple with salt and pepper)

Then eat and repeat. It has been working for me. I actually am enjoying making new “creations” with what I have on hand. So for all you fellow “foodies” out there try it. You May get into “big ass salads” too 😉

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