Change your hair, Change your Life

I cut my hair on Saturday.  Like really short.  And I love it.

Last summer I decided to grow my hair out.  The previous 15 years I basically had a pixie cut and decided to try and grow it out for something different.   For most people this is no big deal.  For me it was like making the decision to go ahead with a root canal! You see I have thick wavy hair.  The type of hair that grandmothers the world over would tell me I would someday embrace as I would never have that old age problem of thinning hair.  And I will give them that.  I will never have thin hair. lol

But I am not a primper.  Blow outs are for the birds.  Brushing the hair? I can maybe do that on a good day.  I just like to wash and go.  Plus living in Florida and dealing with the heat and humidity is enough reason to keep the hair cut on regular intervals.

But I decided to chart into those unknown waters.  And for a while it was fun.  When I tried Keratin on my hair and it made it soft and straight like the perfect blow out I thought I maybe had found my answer of easy going hair plus length.   But that was just a tease.

I got tired of hair falling into my face.  Ponytails hurt.  Headbands were annoying.  I spent way too many waking hours thinking about the state of my hair.

So after a year of growth and finally getting to shoulder length I cut it off again.  Experiment over.

Life is like that I guess.  It is good to try new things but the comfort of home is always going to be what you come back to.



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