Siesta Key Florida Vacation

Ah….vacation.  Last year we went to Marathon in the Florida Keys for a long weekend.  It was beautiful and we did have some fun. But Bryce got a sinus infection while we were there, and then my mom passed away the day after we got back. It was not relaxing and there was definitely no sleeping in going on with a sick baby to take care of.

So this year I was determined to redeem our family vacation.  Make it memorable for happy reasons.  I picked Siesta Key, Florida for a few reasons:

  • Huge beach with the softest sand this side of the equator.  Seriously.  The travel channel has named it the “The Best Sand Beach in America” because of its 99% Quartz Sand that is the consistency of powdered sugar and stays cool under your feet.
  • No flying required.  I have no desire to fly with my active 2 year old yet.
  • Good friends of ours were also staying there that week
  • We could rent a condo on the beach that would be affordable and make it convenient to answer to the changing whims of said 2 year old.
  • Family friendly vibe and cute downtown
  • Close to the restaurants and shopping in Sarasota.
  • Less than a two hour drive from our house

So last month we went for a week, toddler in tow.  It was awesome.  If you are looking for a nice laid back beach vacation with a beautiful gulf side beach, Siesta Key is your destination.  Here are some pictures from our trip.  I am already wishing we could go back.



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