Simple Pleasures Challenge

Every mom out there can relate. There is NEVER enough time and/or energy to do all that is on our to-do list and stay sane. And what is this thing called “me time” I keep hearing about and how do I get some? By the time Bryce goes to bed and I have tackled dishes and packed up the next days meals, I collapse on the couch in exhaustion. My to-do list? Inevitably I will get 1-2 things on the list done and the rest move along to the next week. Going through Bryce’s old clothes and organizing his next size has probably been on the list two months now. lol.

Weekends tend to be a marathon of fit in all the chores while chasing an active toddler and then trying to fit in some family time with said toddler while remembering all that is on your list to do.

But I move on. I live to see another week and another to-do list. But this does not make the weeks any easier. By the time Friday comes along I start daydreaming about tropical vacations,  poolside massages and colorful drinks with umbrellas in them. But we all know this is just that, a dream. So I have decided to implement a 15 minute rule for myself. Everyday, I will treat myself to at least 15 minutes of “me” time. No matter how tired I am or how I need to fit it in. I will do something to recharge myself, feed my sanity and put a spark back into my week.

Below are some of things I have put on my list:

  • I will take a bubble bath
  • I will take a walk around the neighborhood
  • I will call a friend I haven’t talked to in a while
  • I will meditate
  • I will rub some lavender or stress away oil on my wrists.
  • I will sip my favorite Peppermint Tea.
  • I will listen to some chill music.
  • I will catch up on episodes of Orange is the New Black.
  • I will flip through a magazine for a few minutes.
  • I will scroll Instagram and look at fabulous pics of things like farmhouse tables.
  • I will whip up a cool essential oil recipe I have pinned.
  • I will read a few pages of a book.

I wish I could spend a day doing all of these things, but I will take what I can get. These are all relatively easy things I can do on any given day of the week at almost any hour. I will  give myself 15 minutes – on good days 30 – and I will simply chill. In the future, I hope there will be more “free time,” but until then, I will enjoy the few simple pleasures I can give myself to recharge and quiet the chaos.

Why don’t you join me in my “Simple Pleasures” challenge? What is on your list?

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