There’s An Oil For That

This summer I became so desperate over Bryce’s constant colds and sickness that I did something out of character for me. I ordered an essential oils kit from young living. I had been following a coupon blogger and she had been posting here and there about how essential oils was helping her son keep healthy. After Bryce got Strep Throat, a sinus infection AND an ear infection all in one month I broke down. I figured what the heck this can’t hurt and ordered one. To be honest, I was desperate for something, anything to work. I did some reading about the kinds of oils that are on the market because I knew nothing of this stuff and I did some price checks real quick. I went with Young Living because of the price, the therapeutic grade (which means they have no additional chemicals or additives and they’re safe to ingest) and the reputation of the organization. They have been around for over 20 years.

At first I was only using them in the diffuser, but then I noticed that the peppermint combined with lavender and lemon oils was completely helping with all of our allergy issues. So then I started applying oils topically and noticed that Panaway helped relieve my sore, stiff neck when I rubbed some on. And Lavender oil has helped my kid go to sleep all this week in 10 minutes vs. the 45 minutes it usually takes (so EXCITED about this one) All I have done is put a drop or two of oil on his feet. And In the morning I like to diffuse lemon and peppermint oils to help us wake up while we get ready. Best of all we are staying illness free so far. SOLD!

Curious about how essential oils can boost your health and immune system naturally? Below is a chart that breaks down some of the uses for Young Livings most POPULAR oils. Most of these come in the starter kit. I know I was very skeptical in the beginning and worried I was going to be locked into an autoship or something when I purchased my kit. It is SO NOT LIKE THAT. You can purchase the kit and never make another purchase the rest of your life. Or you can purchase oils here or there. Or purchase all the time. Whatever floats your boat. What I will tell you is that you will fall in love with the oils like I have. ALL these oils can be used for everyday needs. And the diffuser makes it so easy to incorporate the oils into your life. That is why becoming a member and purchasing a kit is worth it. You get the Everyday Oils Collection AND the diffuser plus a bunch of other cool stuff for pretty much what the price of the oils alone is retail.

The kit is on sale till August 31st for $150. If you would like to order or read more info on how the membership works, click here.

And once you get your kit I will be more than happy to send you some info on how you can use the oils and answer any questions you may have.


In the meantime, you will find me today at home playing around with oil combos in my diffuser while trying to keep my very active 1 year old entertained. Happy Sunday everyone.

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