My New Adventure

So when my Young Living Essential Oil kit came in the mail I will admit I was a little overwhelmed. All these oils…cool! What on earth am I supposed to do with them?

Thank goodness for Facebook and the Internet. I am slowly reading and learning what each oil is good for. And when you get a kit you can join Facebook groups that are great resources on how to use the oils and you can post questions and get answers quickly. Below is a picture of the 10 oils you get plus stress away. Really pretty bottles.


My favorite right now is the Stress Away. It comes in the kit with a roller ball attachment so it makes it so easy to use. I keep in my purse and have been putting on the back of my neck and wrists when I need a minute to decompress.


I have diffused a few of the oils and will say a little goes a long way! These oils are top grade and you really only have to use a few drops in the diffuser. I was worried since we have an open concept house that the oil wouldn’t diffuse far. It does. Purification is my fave so far with the diffuser. Smells amazing and takes away cooking odors so quick. Also acts as an immune booster.

I saw that they have an oil collection just for kids, and even comes with some roller balls. That might be my next purchase. They don’t need diluted and are perfectly blended for kids needs/skin. Bryce is constantly getting sick with daycare so looking for natural ways to boost his immunity.

Just wanted to share my thoughts so far. Later on this week Brian and I are going to try to cook with them. Lemon and Peppermint oils come in the kit and will be great for cooking. Will post pictures of the food when we do.

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