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Loving My Oils

I’m so thankful for Young Living Essential Oils. My family is healthier even though it has only been a short time. I joined Young Living in July 2015, when I ordered a Premium Starter Kit. I was so excited to receive it, but nervous on how exactly I was supposed to use them. I mean, was it really as simple as dabbing some on or diffusing some in the included diffuser! Come to find out, YES it is!

My son, who is one, is constantly getting a cold, or more recently a wicked strep throat infection. I bought the kit hoping to improve his immune system as well as mine as I tend to get sick right after him (which all moms know is NEVER a good thing). So far so good! No new colds and I love the scents of the different oils and knowing they are a natural way to boost immunity.

So the researcher in me has had me scouring the internet since then trying to learn more about these amazing oils and what I can use them for. Please join me as we adventure together in this new oily life.

Join Young Living Essential Oils | MyBlessedLife.net

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